2 Punch Rule

This rule is designed to stop brawling and has been very succesful

ONLY 2 punches are allowed in succession, i.e. 2 punches followed by a kick, then back to punches is acceptable


Under 14 Sparring

125cm and below are NOT allowed to make contact with the head with any technique

135cm and above can make touch (very light) contact to the head with both hand and foot techniques, however this is carefully monitored by the centre referee.


Compulsory Technique

In each round of sparring the competitor is expected to perform a compulsory technique

This must be a jump spinning kick of some sort, it does not have to hit the target but must be deamed to have been a valid attempt.
The idea of this is to encourage more dynamic techniques in sparring, it has worked very well so far.


Colour Belt Patterns

Just one pattern needs to be performed for each round, this is a pattern of your choice, within your grade

Two competitors will perform their patterns at the same time, one will be eliminated.


Black Belt Patterns

If time allows, 2 rounds of patterns will be run, one will be a choice pattern within your grade (i.e. 1st Dan would perform on of the three 1st Dan patterns), the other will be randomly chosen for the competitor.

Two competitors will perform their patterns at the same time, one will be eliminated.
We ask that if you have recently graded you enter the event at your new grade, we will allow you to perform your previous grade pattern.


Green Belt & Above Power

Adult & Veteran competitors can enter the power category if they are green belt or above

Under 18 competitors that enter power will actually take part in special technique events

Have more questions?

How much does it cost to enter?
£30 per person (Online entries are now also £30).

Is it the same cost to enter for Sparring, Patterns and Power?
Yes, the entry fee is the same regardless.

What age categories are available?
Under 14
14 & 15
16 & 17
Veteran (40 and 0ver)

How much does it cost to spectate? do I need a ticket?
Spectators are free and do not need to apply for a ticket, just turn up on the day.

Is parking available at the venue? Do I have to pay for parking?
Yes, all the venues we select have parking areas, however, we cannot guarantee availability for everyone. Venues are selected due to having either free parking or very low-cost parking all day.

I would like to take pictures / video a competitor at the event, is this allowed?
The use of Video and photography equipment is permitted at the event without the need to apply for a pass (competitors agree to this when the sign the entry form), spectators are advised to report any suspicious behaviour to the main table.

What colour safety equipment (pads) can I wear?
Competitors are allowed to wear any colour safety equipment so long as both hands and both feet are matching colours (Ideally either Red or Blue) and the pads are an approved type.

What safety equipment (pads) are approved?
Dipped foam Open Palm pads are allowed at the event i.e. UKTA, Macho, Top Ten, Adidas etc. Weighted gloves are NOT allowed.

What dobok is approved to wear at these events?
A white ITF dobok is the only approved dobok allowed at these events, also, please be aware 4th Dan and above should not wear a dobok with International Instructor stripes, this is so that we fall in line with ITF competition rules worldwide.

What time will my category start?
This depends on the number of competitors and the number of officials, a running order showing the number of competitors in each round will be available on the website (once online entry has closed and the draw has taken place) and also in selected areas at the event.

How many sparring rounds are there and how long do they last ?
Colour Belts - 1 x 90 second round
Black Belts - 1 x 2 minute round (2 x 2 minute rounds if time permits) 
In the event of a draw there will be a 30 second round, if it is a draw for the second time it will be sudden death ( the first point scored wins)

I wish to coach a competitor, is this allowed?
Yes, coaching is allowed, however in order to coach you must be wearing a tracksuit and trainers and be present with a towel and water bottle.
You will be allowed onto the competiiton area for the time that you are coaching that competitor, we then ask that you move back into the spectator areas.

I practice WTF style Taekwon-do, am I allowed to enter?
Yes, however because the event is an ITF event you can only perform ITF patterns. You would also have to understand / know ITF rules for Sparring, Power & Special Technique.